Google Apps už nie je beta a skoro nebol ani zadarmo

Ako full riešenie firemného e-mailu to využívam už niekoľkým rokom. A ani sa mi veriť nechce, že je to už 5 rokov od uvedenia Gmailu na svet.

In five years since the first pieces of the suite appeared on the scene, they’ve grown from the quirky side projects of a search company to become a fully-featured Web office suite, and one that turns tidy profit. In the months ahead, be sure to watch as Google move aggressively to edge out competition in the enterprise like Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes.

Google Apps Leave Beta, Gunning for the Enterprise – ReadWriteEnterprise

Veru veru, je to už 5 rokov a tak sme si na to zvykli, až je niektorým podivuhodne dovnô, keď si súkromná firma urobí so svojim produktom čo len chce.

Google just emailed to say that a link to the Standard version has been added back to the landing page. And they reiterate that they have no plans to kill the product

Google Apps Standard Edition Findable Again.

Dočasné vytratenie sa bezplatnej verzie Google Apps ale nie je jediný experiment okolo Googlovských aplikácii.

I created a new Gmail account and Google didn’t ask my phone number, so the new requirement could be limited to some regions or it’s just an experiment. Google says that is stores your phone number to make sure that you use it for „a limited number of accounts“, but it’s not clear how many accounts you can create using a phone number. Another problem is that not all the countries and the carriers are supported.

Creating a Gmail Account Requires SMS Verification.

To sú testy, to sú testy.